Cost of Future Care Evaluation

Functional Outcomes provides Cost of Future Care Evaluations for individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic, long-term health conditions.

Typical categories of need addressed in this report include: medication and supplies, health care services, health maintenance needs, orthopaedic equipment, adaptive aids, architectural renovations, and home support and housekeeping services.

This type of assessment is useful for individuals with a wide range of functional levels. The individual may have needs in a few categories (i.e. housekeeping services, health care services) or in cases of catastrophic injury such as brain injury, may require an extensive plan, with multiple items under each category.

In order to formulate a Life Care Plan, a number of assessment components are typically required including: review of medical documentation to identify prognosis, interview with patient (and in some cases significant others), functional testing, activities of daily living assessment, home assessment, and research of costs.

The assessment may take place in the clinic setting and/or the individual’s home. Assessment in the individual’s home often allows for opportunity to observe the client’s mobility within the home environment and ability to carry out typical daily activities (e.g. personal care, meal preparation, housecleaning, etc.). Standardized ADL assessments such as the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) are used where applicable and possible.

The end product is a report that details the individual’s ability to participate in personal, home, and community-related activities, types of services and supports necessary to facilitate current and future levels of function, and a summary chart detailing cost of future care.

The CFC may be a separate referral or combined with a Functional Capacity Evaluation for efficiency and cost effectiveness to the referral source.