Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Outcomes provides comprehensive assessment of an individuals capacity to dependably perform work and routine daily activities. A combination of standardized tests and work/activity simulation tests are used to identify an individual’s functional abilities and limitations. Clinical protocols are based upon research and a best-practices approach.

FCE testing is used to identify the following:

  • The client’s ability to return to his or her pre-injury occupation and/or aspired-to occupations
  • The clients residual functional abilities and limitations related to work, leisure, and household activity
  • Next-step rehabilitation options for the client
  • The client’s level of physical effort during testing and the consistency of the clients subjective reports of pain and disability in comparison to objective test findings

Additional Services

When requested, a Cognitive Capacity Evaluation (brain injury specific FCE) is available. This involves a two day assessment to determine functional status following a brain injury. Testing protocols include not only physical capacity testing, but also additional tests of memory, concentration, multi-tasking ability, as well as the and behaviours and skills required for competitive employment.